Our United Communities: The Why Behind the Name

From the beginning, even before United Communities was our name, even before we had an organization, we collected resources from others for collaboration. 

As people David and Paloma’s goal has always been to help others; with support and networking, we searched for ways to make things better. 

Thinking and feeling that starting a nonprofit was the way to go, we didn’t realize nor understood why we would be met with so many “NO.” 

Pick a demographic they said, or you will NEVER get ahead! Continuously being advised to box ourselves and our lives. 

Focus on one group, and you will make it through. We refused to be reduced, for we saw the situation’s gravity. The need was to focus on humanity. 

As we grew, we learned, and we maintained our human integrity, understanding, and accepting we would be swimming against the currents of society. 

As United Communities journeyed forward, we foresaw the day, When others, too, would grasp the rewards that come our way.

We connect with organizations to understand their direction to build those connections. 

Collecting resources, hoping to join forces, for together, everyone’s life could be better. 

Our main aspiration is a true collaboration, not one of competition. 

From the beginning of this study, United Communities requested resources from everyone at the table from all our sources. 

Throughout this study, we’ve attended events, both wonderful and grand, Experiencing moments amazing, in this journey, we take a stand.” 

As my mind, my senses, my feelings combine, I’ve witnessed a habit that’s quite a design. 

Everywhere I roam, the calls for unity ring, But fleeting alliances don’t make our hearts sing. 

Unity’s not in names posted high on a wall; it’s a bond deep within, where we stand strong and tall. 

Tables, they bear just a single name, materials, crafted in that very same claim. 

How can we shift this, alter the game, embrace diversity, and end this one-name fame?

Someone must lead with deeds, not just in words we fashion; United Communities showed the way, sparking a unifying passion. 

For the very first time, we set a unity table in satisfaction; with our collaborators showcased, it sparked admiration and attraction. 

A friend once shared, “Unity needs community,” a wise claim; in the name “Come in Unity,” our mission’s the same, hence our name. 

Together we stand, we embrace, we proclaim, that lives are saved when unity is our aim.” 

Paloma Fernandes 10/02/23