Get Involved with United Communities


  • Anyone can volunteer for United Communities. There are many different ways to get involved.

Offer your skills

You can help by volunteering your time and your knowledge to help us build our organization. 
  • If you are a licensed  professional and would like to donate your time there are countless ways you could help our organization make a difference:
    •  – teach a class
    •  –  provide counseling
    •  – run a support group
    •  – provide nutritional education 

If you are tech savvy or enjoy creating content for social media, you can help others learn about what we do. 

 – Create and schedule social media posts
 – Write a blog post for our site
 – Gather updates for our email newsletter

These are starting points to inspire your creativity. We are open to your ideas and want to hear about them. 

We are also ALWAYS looking for translators. Speak another language? Let us know. You could help connect people with resources in Weymouth!

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Donate Supplies

We are regularly providing material resources directly to people who need them. We can use donations of the following items: 

– Sleeping bags
– Camping equipment
– Sunscreen
– Toothbrushes
– Soap
– Shoes
– Clothing

If you have supplies for us, please contact David Pringle: [email protected]

Donate Money

In addition to paying for operating costs and supplies, we are saving for a future building. Find out more about our dream on our about page. 

Offer your space

While we dream of having a building one day, we operate remotely right now. If you have a space in Weymouth we can use for support groups, expressive arts, or sports events, get on our resource list!

We’re interested in

 – meeting rooms for support groups

 – large indoor spaces for sports training

 – rooms with a table to spread out on for expressive arts therapy groups

 – larger conference spaces for trainings

 – your ideas about how we could use your space to support people in Weymouth

Fill out our resource form to join the list!

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