Who is United Communities?


We are a startup non-profit organization working WITH community members to help build an inclusive environment that makes residents feel integrated and empowered. 

We know that people can work together to improve circumstances, using their experience and knowledge to solve problems and make changes. We work directly with individuals, families, and community members conducting needs assessments and connecting individuals to equitable and culturally appropriate resources within their community. 

Our unique, diverse, multicultural, multilingual team is our greatest strength. Together, we can serve a broader population within our community.

All of our programs at United Communities strive to form multiple collaborations with local community organizations to strengthen our community. That is why we offer a community directory on our website

We are currently located in South Shore, Massachusetts working with our community, providing support within Boston and Norfolk County. 

Our Mission

United Communities empowers culturally diverse community members with the skills to build positive relationships, overcome barriers, develop confidence, and acquire positive life skills through mental and physical health conditioning.

Our Dream

At United Communities Corp. we focus on creating efficient alternative community support through our website and network of resources. 

Our dream is to become a physical expression of that network in Weymouth with a building that can house the many different resources our community can offer each other. Join us as we strive for our dream!

  • UCC aims to 
  •  – be an additional Multi-disciplinary Resource, Wellness, and Training Center within the community
  •  – provide safe and welcoming spaces and assistance for people in our community no matter what they are facing 
  •  – form meaningful bonds within our community, helping members obtain and maintain long-lasting connections with each other
 – incorporate expressive arts into recovery resources in Weymouth, Massachusetts and surrounding areas