South Shore Support Services Weymouth, MA

Our United Communities connects South Shore support services in Weymouth, MA with those who need them. Whether you are an organization on the South Shore offering support services or someone who lives in the area who is looking for support, welcome! We’re here to help connect you! 

Recently, Our United Communities has been collaborating with the HEAL Study, providing Naloxone to local businesses, and creating this website to serve as a resource directory for both non-profits and individuals in the Weymouth MA area. You’ll see many of our listings are oriented to those in Weymouth experiencing the ill effects of substance use in their lives but our focus doesn’t stop there. 

While many non-profits benefit from focusing on solely one demographic, we’re here to be a bridge. We connect rather than specialize, and we’ve learned to do that by spending decades in our community, asking our friends and neighbors what they need and following through on those requests.  

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Volunteer your skills

We seek to support members of the Weymouth community in as many holistic ways as possible. If you have skills to provide services or support us as we get the word out about what's available, we'd love to have you join our cause.

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Volunteer your space

While we dream of having a building one day, we operate remotely for the time being. If you have a space in Weymouth we can use for support groups, expressive arts, or sports events, get on our resource list!

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Save someone's life just by carrying this on your person. Get some at no cost to you by contacting David Pringle.

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In addition to paying for operating costs and supplies, we are saving for a future building. Find out more about our dream on our about page.

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